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The adoption of the 2018 International Building Code (IBC) by many jurisdictions has brought on a flood of questions to the SSMA Technical Hot- Line. The questions typically include: Is SSMA in conformance with the 2018 IBC? And, why does the SSMA ICC 3064 Report not mention the 2018 IBC? Here is a brief summary of how the code cycle, and chain of codes works for the 2018 code cycle:

In regards to the 2018 IBC, section 2211 references AISI S240-2015, which is the cold-formed steel framing code standard for structural metal framing. Section 2211 is explicitly for cold-formed steel light-frame construction. Following the roots of AISI S240-2015, it references the 2012 main standard for AISI (S100-12). Therefore, as far as cold formed metal framing is concerned, compliance with AISI S100-12, grants compliance with the 2018 IBC.

Technical Guides

SSMA Technical Guide
Complies with the 2022 International Building Code (IBC), and features the industry’s standardized nomenclature and product identification information.

Evaluation Reports

ESR-3064P Letter (PDF)
Letter explaining why SSMA’s ICC-ES report number changed from ER-4943P to ESR-3064P.

City of Los Angeles Research Report Letter (PDF)
Standard (SSMA) shapes may be calculated in accordance with the current California and City of Los Angeles (COLA) builiding codes; therefore a research report letter is typically not required. Download attached for referenced standards and calculation submittal requirements.

Technical Notes

Guide Specifications

05 4000 – Cold-Formed Metal Framing (docx & wpd): For use in the preparation of a project specification section covering cold-formed steel exterior wall studs, joists, trusses, field installed or shop fabricated and field erected. Studs may be either axially-load bearing or non-axially load bearing.

09 2200 – Metal Support Assemblies (docx & wpd): For use in the preparation of a project specification section covering metal framing systems for interior non-load bearing walls, interior ceilings and exterior soffits.

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