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The adoption of the 2018 International Building Code (IBC) by many jurisdictions has brought on a flood of questions to the SSMA Technical Hot- Line. The questions typically include: Is SSMA in conformance with the 2018 IBC? And, why does the SSMA ICC 3064 Report not mention the 2018 IBC? Here is a brief summary of how the code cycle, and chain of codes works for the 2018 code cycle:

In regards to the 2018 IBC, section 2211 references AISI S240-2015, which is the cold-formed steel framing code standard for structural metal framing. Section 2211 is explicitly for cold-formed steel light-frame construction. Following the roots of AISI S240-2015, it references the 2012 main standard for AISI (S100-12). Therefore, as far as cold formed metal framing is concerned, compliance with AISI S100-12, grants compliance with the 2018 IBC.

Technical Guides

22-2 SSMA Technical Guide
Complies with the 2022 International Building Code (IBC), and features the industry’s standardized nomenclature and product identification information.

Evaluation Reports

ESR-3064P Letter (PDF)
Letter explaining why SSMA’s ICC-ES report number changed from ER-4943P to ESR-3064P.

City of Los Angeles Research Report Letter (PDF)
Standard (SSMA) shapes may be calculated in accordance with the current California and City of Los Angeles (COLA) builiding codes; therefore a research report letter is typically not required. Download attached for referenced standards and calculation submittal requirements.

Technical Notes

Guide Specifications

05 4000 – Cold-Formed Metal Framing (docx & wpd): For use in the preparation of a project specification section covering cold-formed steel exterior wall studs, joists, trusses, field installed or shop fabricated and field erected. Studs may be either axially-load bearing or non-axially load bearing.

09 2200 – Metal Support Assemblies (docx & wpd): For use in the preparation of a project specification section covering metal framing systems for interior non-load bearing walls, interior ceilings and exterior soffits.

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